Video Shoot

Poke'mon Love Song

Last night, me, Tierney, Kyle, Brian, and Travis met in Studio A230 of the Harris Fine Arts Center on campus to shoot an intimate scene between Tierney and I. All the lights are off save a lone spotlight off in the distance. It envelopes Tierney in its effervescent light, as my silhouette caressingly croons: “Baby, if there’s a fight, I won’t run away.” I tickle the ivory, and sparks of passion ignite. A single rose lies across the piano, matching the red of her dress and the red of my tie, symbolizing our fierce eternal love for each other – and for Poke’mon.

But really, we just had a crap ton of fun.

Tierney and I had to almost kiss almost 50 times for Kyle to get the right shot (awkward and hilarious for all of us), Brian was wheeling around the room on a swivel chair because of his broken foot, and at one point Travis ended up interrupting a shot by silently removing his shirt and moshing to the remainder of the song without us breaking character. That is when we snapped the above photo and decided to call it a night.

“This is the second awkward thing today that’s going to end up on the internet that I’ll have to explain to my wife.”
– Travis

2 hours of set up and filming for 20 seconds of footage. Worth it?

You bet your butt it was.

My name is Zach Collier. I appreciate spontaneous shirtless solo flash mobs.


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