Christmas Thoughts

So, today I went out of my way to do something kind for someone else. Not having a car, I walked to my destination and back in the snow. On the way home, I had an epiphany – the person that I was doing this for would probably never know how much effort really went into this simple act of kindness.

Then I remembered some of the kind things that had been done for me recently: home made bread, a chocolate orange, an old friend calling to catch up, people taking time to come to my shows or listen to my music to name a few. The list could go on and on. Then this hit me:

Have I really considered how people truly feel about me? Have I truly expressed gratitude to them for all that they’ve done? For efforts seen and unseen on my behalf?

I think we all feel alone sometimes, especially during the winter – probably even more so if we’re away from family during the holidays. Despite this, I think we’d be surprised and greatly pleased if we really knew how important we were to others. What if we received a Facebook notification for every time someone thought about us? Think about it. How often do you reminisce and tell a story about a childhood friend? Or quote someone you look up to? Or tell a joke that a friend told you one time during a night out? How frequently does your heart yearn for the company of a friend or family member – living or dead? Have you ever decided to invite someone that wasn’t originally included to an event? Have you spontaneously made baked goods for someone? Have you planned for someone’s birthday – gotten them a card, a gift, a cake or a call?

The truth is, you’ve been on someone’s mind today. They’ve missed you. They’ve quoted you. They may be walking in the snow for you. They may even have a letter written to you that they’ve always wanted to send, but just never had the guts to put in the mailbox. You are special, and you are loved in this world.

What a wonderful time of year this is. The Spirit of Christmas is all around us. Bells are ringing, choirs are singing, and people are reaching out with open hearts to demonstrate the ideal of “peace on earth, good will towards men.”

My name is Zach Collier, and I appreciate Christmas.



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