Introducing the Zach Collier Music Website!

Introducing the Zach Collier Music Website!

Hey. So something really exciting happened yesterday. I was able to sit down with a team of collaborators and secure a domain name for my own website. Then we got to design it and make it happen. I got a sweet deal on the domain name – apparently there’s no other Zach Colliers out there who are musicians. Just dirtbikers, anti-mormons, and a baseball player for the Phillies. So the demand wasn’t very high. There’s a good chance that this website will be mine for a long time to come.

Feel free to check it out. This blog will continue to be more informational, with lyrics, live performances, videos, news, stuff about my life, etc. But the website is there for you to contact me, to purchase music, and to record or collaborate with me.

Plus it looks beautiful. And shiny.

Feel free to click the picture to check it out.

Or click here.

My name is Zach Collier, and I appreciate dirt cheap, crazy available domain names. And my name. Thanks, mom and dad, for making this all possible. Imagine if you had named me Justin Bieber?


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