How Do YOU #GiveLove?

How Do YOU #GiveLove?

February is coming soon, and you know what that means: a month full of romance, fine dining, and flowers for the fortunate; and loafing, loneliness, and Lays Potato Chips for the less-fortunate.

I think Valentine’s Day evokes such polarizing emotions in people because of our desire to be loved. We all want to be acknowledged, to feel important, and to have a special bond with those around us. It can be hard when we feel like our existence goes unnoticed by humanity as a whole.

The thing we often forget, however, is this:
Love is received in the giving of it.

That’s why I am teaming up with Foundation Escalera, from now until Valentine’s Day, to promote true love: service, quality time, and giving. Foundation Escalera is a non-profit organization that builds schools for children in remote parts of Mexico. Many children are unable to go to school in Mexico due to poverty or travel constraints. To solve this problem, Foundation Escalera builds smaller, quality school houses in more locations to service more people. To date, 61 school houses have been built and 12,106 students have been serviced. 100% of public donations go directly to school projects. All operating costs are covered by a group of private donors so every dollar you give can go to students in need.

This is a cause I support strongly. If you want to build a nation, build a school, right?

Donating to this cause is but one way we can give and feel love this season. There are many other ways we can reach out to lift heavy hands that hang down.

THUS: Every day, we will Tweet one way we have given our love to someone or seen it happen in the world around us. Every post will feature the hashtag: #GiveLove. You can also direct your Tweets to @escalerafund, which I’m sure they’ll appreciate.

Let’s start a love trend, everyone.

We invite you to do the same:
How do YOU #GiveLove?!

To make a donation, visit


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