Pokémon Love Song!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we present to you the most glorious love song known to mankind: POKÉMON LOVE SONG!

I’ll be honest, I’m really proud of how everything turned out with this project. It took us 3 months of shooting on and off in various locations and with constantly changing weather (we started in early Autumn and wrapped Mid-Winter). We also had to deal with my ever growing hair. I got 3 hair cuts in the course of filming this video.

It’s all thanks to a talented and dedicated cast. Among those who helped with this video are:
Kyle Harrison – Director, Cinematographer
Tierney Rose Bent – My wonderful counterpart
Travis Moore – Lights
Brian Ting – Sound
Daniel Drake – Featured Extra
Ashtyn Kendrick – Tech, Dancer
Wil Groesbeck – Tech, Dancer
Jared King – Tech
Justin Rasband – Dancer
Morgan Armstrong – Props, extra
Andrew Roberts – Props
Jordan Gundersen – Extra

Looking back, it has been quite the undertaking. What amazes me more than the video itself, however, is everything that has come from this project.

This project is the reason why I own a company.

It is the reason why I’ve grown deeply acquainted with over 20 new friends.

It’s the reason I met Dane Christensen and got to work on EuphOreo.

It’s the reason why we held the #GiveLove Benefit Concert.

It’s the reason why we are tight with the incredible management of The Awful Waffle.

It’s the reason why over 100 people came to The Awful Waffle tonight to support me and 3 other incredible musical acts: Ashley Smith, Jefferson & York, and Woodward Avenue.

It’s the reason why Ashley Smith, a girl with one of the most brilliant voices and the most beautiful lyrics I have ever heard, finally decided to perform for the first time.

It’s the reason why Foundation Escalera now has almost 200 more dollars for building schools in Mexico.

It’s the reason why I am in the Daily Universe.

It’s the reason why I now know how to run soundboards and PA systems and what XLR cables and quarter to eighth inch adapters are and all that good stuff.

It’s also the reason why I now own everything I just listed.

This may sound a little boastful, but I don’t mean it to be. I’m not the greatest musician, it’s not the most incredible video, and I sure as heck am not a great dancer. But my spirits are just soaring so high right now, and my heart is so full of love for all of the people I have gotten to meet, all of the learning experiences I’ve had, and the sheer amount of fun that it’s been. Life is a beautiful thing. It’s difficult, it takes time, but just like a flower, when it blossoms, nothing compares.

Poetic, huh?

I can use flower clichés. It’s February.

Anyway, this video represents a lot more to me than just some thing I made with my friends. I wrote this before my mission, recorded it after, kicked around ideas with a former companion and friends from all over the country and from different time periods of my life. The whole thing hinges around major turning points in my life, and when I look back at this video, I will always remember those turning points.

Thank you to everyone who worked on the video.

Thank you for everyone who has supported it, who came to the show, who enjoyed the music, and who donated to Foundation Escalera.

I will never be fully able to express my love and appreciation for everyone I know. I hope, in some small way, this will suffice.

My name is Zach Collier, and I appreciate the successes that come through love, faith, friendship, and hard work.

Me with Jeff & York

Ashley Smith Performance

GiveLove Set The Village Awful Waffle


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