“Chloe” – DateNight

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about my exploits, but this memory is too good not to capture. From start to finish, this song, “Chloe,” has been nothing short of a miracle. It was inspired by one of my best friends, Chloe (go figure, right?). I received a message from her recently saying, “Do you remember last summer when you said that I was the kind of girl that made hearts skip like old vinyl records? Is that still true?”

I replied with an emphatic “YES!” But somehow, it didn’t carry like it should have. One thing you have to know about this girl is that she feels under appreciated. She is one of the hardest working, passionate, sincere girls I have ever had the privilege of knowing. She does humanitarian service all around the world. She was the president of her Church’s women’s organization. She is a college graduate. Yet often, she would express to me that she felt as if she was always falling short of the expectations she had for herself.

Later that day, at practice with my band, DateNight, our bassist, Sandro, went to show us a new song he had been working on. He played the first chord, and in transition to the next, his hand slipped, and he let a beautiful chord ring out. He kept going. After he played a lovely progression, he said, “I just messed up my song, but this is way better than what I was going to play. Zach, get your guitar.” We played through it – a nice, subtle piece. We pictured it being sung around a campfire as the fire was dying down.

“What will it be about?” We wondered. Then it hit me. I told them about the message.

Discussion ensued over the next few weeks. Why is it that women are often under appreciated? Why is it that they set such high expectations for themselves? Why is it that, too often, women generally have low self esteem or a negative body image? We struggled to find lyrics that expressed sincere, unselfish love. We had our minds firmly made up that this was not a “love song” in the typical sense. We weren’t seeking to win anyones affection. We weren’t describing our success or our loss of a woman’s love. We merely wanted to say thank you and to remind them that they matter. They are worthwhile individuals who have an important place in this world.

As I was walking home from a voice lesson on campus, I saw a flier for my university’s women’s services organization. Their advertising campaign this year is, “You are beautiful.” That was it. That was it! A simple, truthful reminder of the obvious.

I presented the idea to Sandro, who immediately said: “When we are done with this song, we need to donate it to BYU Women’s Services.” I happily agreed.

The first time we played the song in its completed form (at 3 AM, I might add) was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life. I pray that when people hear this song, they will feel our sincerity and an ounce of the peace we felt that night.

Fast forward to June 20, 2014. DateNight spent the day on Center street in Provo, UT handing out roses to women on the street. We would stop them and ask them to write “I am beautiful” in their own handwriting. Then, on the back, we would have them write why. We filmed their responses with the hopes that other women, seeing their courage, would find the same strength and beauty within themselves. We had over 30 women from all ages and walks of life, participate.








The music video will be released on July 27th. Our song, “Chloe,” will be available for free download. We are also donating the music video for free use for BYU Women’s Services and Resources. You can find more out about their organization here:

BYU Women’s Services and Resources



When the video is released, please share! Women matter. We all matter! You are loved, and you are not forgotten.

My name is Zach Collier, and I appreciate the under appreciated. Women rock.







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