Zach Collier Music – Where It’s Headed

Provo Band DateNight to play at Guru's CafeI’m pretty excited. Tonight is the first time in a long time that I am performing solo. I’ll be performing alongside my good friend and band-mate Sandro Improta. We’re hitting up Guru’s Cafe on Center street in Provo, and though DateNight is booked to play, tonight we’re doing something a little different. Sandro is playing his music, I’m playing mine, and we’re coming together for only a few DateNight songs.


Big things are in the works. After the launch and successful completion of our Kickstarter campaign last month, DateNight has garnered a lot of positive press and attention. We’ve received emails and phone calls from publicists in New York, and have booked some major shows for late 2015. There are even talks of receiving some monetary support from several invested individuals and organizations for work beyond DateNight alone.

Because of this, Sandro and I are getting back to our roots, albeit briefly, to sharpen our skills and gear up for what’s to come. I’m not making any promises, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were to be a solo LP release on my end by the end of 2015 or early 2016. It’s exciting, and I really can’t wait.

My name is Zach Collier, and I appreciate the future.


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