DateNight Performs “Get It Started” on BearWall Collection

Last month, DateNight met up with the crew of BearWall Collection in a back alley in Provo, UT to shoot 2 acoustic one-take videos. Above, you will see the video for the title track from our debut EP, “Get It Started.”

BearWall Collection

I wrote the lyrics, melody, and bass line for this song while serving as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Uniontown, PA.  For those of you who don’t know, Mormon missionaries serve for 2 years straight with no vacations or time off. They only communicate with their families one day a week through email, and two days a year through Skype or the telephone. At this point in my mission, I was feeling incredibly homesick. While I was having an incredible experience and working hard, my mind kept drifting to thoughts of home, past romances, and where my friends were at.

In the middle of this homesickness, I received a letter from a friend who was preparing to serve a mission. She kept telling me how excited she was to leave – that every time she closed her eyes she saw where she was going to serve and couldn’t wait to get there. I felt ashamed of myself. Here was this girl, wishing she was where I was, and here I was wishing I was somewhere else.

I determined then and there that I didn’t want to go through life to find I’d lived it with my eyes closed. I didn’t want to be blind to the good things around me. I wanted to live presently, love openly, and not waste a moment of my time. I wanted to make the most of every day.

Thus “Get it Started” was born. I hope you enjoy it

To hear more from BearWall Collection, subscribe to them on YouTube here.

My name is Zach Collier, and I appreciate gratitude and present living.


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